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Techniques and Technical Items.

For many articles on Seawind building, tuning and sailing
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Carbon Fibre Edition Seawinds.
CFE, a first look.
from June 2008
Why buy a CFE.
by David Harley.
from June 2008
Report on Damage.
from Sailing Jan25.

ABS Seawinds.
New Seawind Building a Kyosho Seawind
Seawind Building Instructions. New Addendum to
Building Instructions.
August 2013
New Seawind product.
Fully built Seawind
now available.
Updated   January 2020
Building a Kyosho Seawind
Beyond the Instruction Sheet.
by R Plinston.
A4 Seawind profile
by Helge Hafstad
add your own artwork.
Profile of 'Matariki'
by Helge Hafstad
Report on damage
and repairs to ABS
Seawind 'Prada 01'
Rebuild of 100 Waterproof Hatch for the Seawind
by Andy Rust
Seawind rough setup Seawind Tuning Guide Seawind Tuning Summary
Seawind Rough Setup
Seawind Tuning Guide
by Doug Lanterman
Seawind Tuning Summary

Radio Control and Frequencies.
Orange 2.4GHz receiver. RC Glove plans. HobbyKing 2.4GHz RC Set.
Radio Control Basics.
Setting up your RC
gear for Seawinds.
Radio Control Frequencies. NZ RC Frequencies. Initial Look at
Jaycar Sail Servo.

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