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Spare Parts

The club has some replacement parts and materials available for members.

  • Rear Hatch O-Rings.
  • Rudder tube O-Rings.
  • Rudder horns.
  • Rudder grub screws.
  • Main Hatch mold.
  • Perspex offcuts.
  • Photographs

    Photographs on this web site are cropped, resized and compressed to reduce the page loading time as far as possible.

    Members may request better quality and larger size images to be emailed to them.

    If a photograph is required of a particular subject that is not on the site then a search can be done to see if one exists.

    NZRYS Club Documents

    Schedule2019.pdf NZRYS.pdf NZRYSClassRules.pdf NZRYSClassRulesApp.pdf
    NZRYS Race Schedule 2019. Club flyer and
    application form.
    Seawind Class Rules
    including Appendix 2017.
    Seawind Class Rules
    Appendix 2017.
    aggregate.pdf matchstart.pdf Regatta Presidents Regatta
    Aggregate Match
    Match Racing Starts. Anniversary Weekend
    Regatta Race Format.
    President's Cup
    Regatta Race Format.
    B and C Match Race.pdf NZRYS Cups and Trophies NZRYS Club Organization raceresults.pdf
    B and C Match Race. Updated
    NZRYS Cups and Trophies
    NZRYS Club Organization Race Result sheet.
    Handicap Calculations.

    ISAF Sailing Rules Documents.
    StudyVersionoftheRacingRulesfor20172020Final-[13380].pdf RRS20172020changescorrections-[21449].pdf Cases ISAF Poster
    ISAF Sailing Rules
    ISAF Sailing Rule changes
    ISAF Casebook. ISAF Rules 2017-2020 Poster
    Other Rule Summary Documents.
    ORAKEI Summary of rules Simple rules
    John's RC Sailing Rules and Tactics ORAKEI Yacht Club
    Electron sailing rules
    Simple rules
    extracts from Upwind newsletters

    AGM Documents 2019
    Race Results 2019
    Race Results 2019

    Results and AGM: 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008

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