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Selected eMails received by NZRYS
Daniel Bush 22 Apr 2012
Mike Eades Phoenix, Arizona 20 Nov 2009
John Coale Maine 18 Nov 2009

Subject: Seawind sailing report
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2012 17:57
From: Dan Bush
To: Richard Plinston

Hi Richard,

A few people were asking why I have been missing from sailing lately, attached are a couple of photo's of the brand new J class launched in Amsterdam on it's days sea trails on the north sea I have been working.

She is a replica of the Rainbow the 1934 winner of the America's Cup. We are getting her ready to race the in the Queens jubilee regattas in the Solent England later this year in June / July.

Holiday Greetings!

Date: 22nd Dec 2010
From: "Mike Eades, SeaWind class sec" <>
To: "Richard Plinston"

Hi Richard,

Please convey my best wishes for the Holiday Season and for 2011 to all NZ SeaWind skippers! I follow your activities regularly through your excellent web site and newsletters.

Our club has been sailing SeaWinds about as long as you have and it is still our biggest and most active fleet although the Micro Magic is gaining ground as a great second fleet boat.

Here is a link to our Club web site in case any of your members might be interested:

Good sailing in 2011!


longitude -112.3559328146456
latitude 33.4883986057516

From: Mike Eades, SeaWind class sec
To: Peter Andrews Sec. NZRYS
Sent: Friday, November 20, 2009 5:29 AM
Subject: NZRYS web site

Hi Peter,

Great job with the NZRYS web site. I have had it on my Bookmarks list for some time and note how you keep it current and active. By the way I have 'borrowed' the Guidelines for Small Boats section from Upwind Nov 2009 to circulate to my local club members as a gentle reminder of what we have been talking about. Always helpful to hear someone else address the same issues in different words!

Here is a link to our club's web site:
As the original home of the initiative to form the US-SCOA, SeaWinds/1-Meter Sport (which allows more mods than strict SW Class) regattas are still the mainstay of the Club although Micro Magic fleet activities are developing fast.

All the best for good sailing and the Festive Season to all at Onepoto!


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