Onepoto Lagoon Coordination Committee

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Notice Map February 2014
A new boardwalk is being built at
Onepoto Domain.
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Event Event May 2012
Onepoto Domain will be closed 27 May AM
for a running event.
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Paths May 2012
New paths are being created at Onepoto
plus some upgrades.
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Toilets closed February 14 2010
Flap Valves September 7
New stainless steel chains fitted
to the flap valves. More importantly
the contractor has fitted chain
catches making it much easier to
latch the flaps open.

Also a new padlock on the weir
gate lid so that can be opened.

No Flying The Council have erected signs that
prohibit flying model aircraft.
Presumably this is the result of
the complaint in the news section.

OLCC Documents
onepoto.pdf pondflood.pdf Onepoto Club rooms meeting090610.pdf
Onepoto Lagoon
Why the pond
NSTA article 30 July
Community Board Meeting
Onepoto Soccer Clubroom.
Meeting June 10.

Onepoto Domain Lagoon, Northcote, Auckland, New Zealand.
View from Weeks Reserve.

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