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Life of the Pond:
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Life of the Pond - Shags.
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Pied Shag

The Pied Shag has a white throat, chest and underside with black elsewhere. It has a long hooked beak, blue eye and yellow patch in front of its eyes.

Little Shag

Other names are White Throated Shag, Little Pied Shag.

The Little Shag is identified by its short stout yellow beak that is barely hooked.

These vary from having just a white throat to a full white underside.

Little Black Shag

The Little Black Shag is black overall with a fine hooked beak and green eyes.

Black Shag

The Black Shag is black overall with a long hooked beak and yellow lower jaw.

It is noticably larger that the Little Black but is not often seen at the pond.

A mixed group of Little Shags and Little Black Shags, including juveniles.

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