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Life of the Pond:
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New fountains were installed.
The old fountain was getting less
and less water and finally stopped.
When it was replaced it was
obvious why it failed.
This digger lifted out the old
pump and put in the new.
The pump house with new gear. Laying out the pipes. The fountain heads.
March 15.
May 3. The fountains were considerably
reduced in volume due to intake blockage.
They switched off for 20 minutes or
so and then came on normally.
There is a cleaning cycle.
May 10. The pond level had been
raised by heavy rain overnight
(see 'Why the pond floods')
and this drowned the heads.
The fountains should return to
normal when the level drops.
June and the intakes were blocking
so the filters and fountain heads
were removed.

New Intakes to be installed - November 2009.

  • 3rd Adjust flap valves to not leak.
  • 4th 11:30 Remove Weir gates.
  • 5th Dig trench and pour concrete.
  • 6th Drill intake through wall.
  • 6th 4pm Open flap valves, replace weir.
Tides for November 4 show optimum
time to remove weir gate is 11:30am.
November 6. A meeting to plan the
install of the new intakes.
November 29. The new intakes are
complete with intake shroud.

Final installation and working - December 16-20 2009.
The pump room with pump removed
so the silt could be dug out.
The pump. December 20. The fountains are working
though not as high as originally.
January 17: Fountains blocked
and switched off.
January 31: New straight through
heads fitted and working.

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