Onepoto Lagoon Coordination Committee

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Kaipatiki Community Board
November 13 2021
Redesigned planting
Pathway2021email.pdf Pathway2021.pdf Problem 8110297439
October 28 2021
email and 3 replies to
New Path Construction plans
October 27 2021
New Path Construction plans
March 20 2020
email to council Problem 8110297439
March 2020
Kaipatiki Board
"Have Your Say"
Local parks survey.
Summary of results.
October 2019.
Drawing 28016 sheet 10
October 2019.
My response to updated plans.
October 2019.
Updated Kaipatiki Board plans to renew the paths around the pond.
October 2019
New sign for Onepoto pond
August 18 2019
Submission to
Kaipatiki Board
August 18 2019
Kaipatiki Board
Local Reserves Management Plan
August 12 2019
Council plan to renew pathway
November 2018
Weir gates and flap valves.
OLCC Report 2013 Pond Update Emails
October 2015
Council plans for parking, paths
May 12 2014
Minutes of Stakeholder Meeting
May 5 2014
OLCC Report 2013 Pond Update Emails
Pond Maintenance Report 25 Feb 2013 Pond Report Feb 2013
4 August 2013
Letter to Carol from
Kaipatiki Local Board.
De-silting Onepoto Pond.
February 25 2013
Pond Maintenance Required urgently.
February 22 2013
Submission to Kaipatiki Board
on Pond Derdging.
February 3 2013
The state of the weir gates.
Submission to Kaipatiki
on Dredging Request
Kaipatiki request.

WaiCare Documents
Families in Parks.
Report by Yasmeyn Balsom.
WaiCare July 2010 WaiCare June 2010

Onepoto Resident's Association
Clubroom Lease reports September 11 2010.
Onepoto Resident's Association Draft Clubroom Lease
Onepoto Resident's Association
Clubroom Report Sep 2010.
Draft Clubroom Lease.
Sep 2010
Clubroom Management
Committee Rules.

Onepoto Resident's Association Membership Form
Onepoto Resident's Association
Incorporated Society and
Clubroom Management.
Onepoto Resident's Association
Membership Form

Onepoto Resident's Association Proposal
for Onepoto Domain - August 12 2009.
Clubrooms history OnepotoPlanPreview OnepotoPlanPreview2 SectionA3preview

NSCC Submissions
Annual Plan 2011 Annual Plan 2011 Extract from Agenda RA asking for support
Annual Plan 2011
submission by Carol.
Annual Plan 2011.
Presentation by Carol.
NSCC Agenda extract
item on club rooms
for Council meeting.
Resident's Association
asking for support
at Council meeting.
Extract from Minutes Extract from Agenda Residents' Association email Clubrooms history
Extract from Minutes
Infrastructure and Environment
December 1 2009.
Extract from Agenda
Infrastructure and Environment
December 1 2009.
Residents' Association
email September 3.
Resident's Association
Clubrooms history.
Glenfield Rovers email Position paper on Clubrooms Proposal Minutes of June 10 meeting
Glenfield Rovers request
for support over clubhouse.
OLCC and associated clubs
position paper on Clubrooms.
Proposal on the Soccer Clubrooms
to be presented to the Community
Board Meeting 21 July 7pm.
Minutes of June 10 meeting.
Meeting June 10 EMail to Bob Wallace Minutes of the
Infrastructure and
Environment Committee
10 February 2009.

See page 11.
Meeting June 10. EMail to Bob Wallace about
completion of the fountains.
Council minutes. Infrastructure and Environment
Committee Response
February 9.
NSCCletter CEOLetter2.pdf bonjan09.pdf CEOLetter.pdf
February 4.
CEO Letter
January 29.
email to Bob Wallace
on pond condition
29 January 2009
CEO Letter
December 2nd.
AnnualPlan2008.pdf OnepotoMud.pdf AnnualPlanHearing.pdf Annualplanresponse.pdf
Annual Plan Submission
22 May 2008.
State of the Lagoon. Report of the Hearing. NSCC Response.

Korean Garden submissions april 2008.

Onepoto Domain Lagoon, Northcote, Auckland, New Zealand.

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