Onepoto Lagoon Coordination Committee

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In the News
NSTA 17 April 2015
Work on Domain's
toxic pond begins.
NSTA 24 March 2015
Onepoto delay causes a stink.
NSTA 15 April
Reply to Mark Steele's
letter about Onepoto pond
from Kaipatiki Board.
NSTA 1 April
Letter from Mark Steele
about Onepoto pond.
NSTA 2014 March 13
Onepoto Pond 'Toxic Tar Pit'
NSTA June 11 2013
Another Kevin Fox complaint
about Onepoto.
NSTA May 31 2013
ORA: Toxic problem will
get worse at Onepoto.
NSTA Letter 14 May 2013 Quarry Lake
14 May 2013
Kevin Fox letter to NSTA
complaining about the new cycle paths.
NSTA April 19 2013
Council will dredge
Onepoto pond next year.
NSTA March 26 2013
Auckland Council's
Draft Plan hearing.
NSTA March 12 2013
Problems with weed
at Quarry Lake.
Onepoto Club rooms Onepoto Club rooms Onepoto Club rooms Onepoto Pond
Aucklander Article 2 July
Onepoto Soccer Clubroom.
NSTA article 30 July
Community Board Meeting
Onepoto Soccer Clubroom.
NSTA 11 September.
AAFL Battles on.
Onepoto Soccer Clubroom.
North Shore Times
article 3 December 2009
on Onepoto pond.
Planes at Onepoto Turning into Sylvan Ave Aucklander article NSTimes article
Complaints about
model planes at Onepoto.
North Shore Times 23 April
Turning into Sylvan Ave.
Aucklander Article
Onepoto Pond.
NSTimes Article
Onepoto Pond.

North Shore Times
August 13
Letters to the editor
about the Quarry Lake Grass Carp.
North Shore Times August 6
No weed control:
Grass Carp refused
in Quarry sailing pond.

Wai Care award The Onepoto Lagoon Coordination
Committee has received an award
from Wai Care for their
"Innovative project/programme".

The Onepoto Wai Care group uses
the monitoring to support the
use of the lagoon by radio
control boating groups.

The Committee chose these two books.
Attracting Birds and Other Wildlife to Your Garden. NZ Birds in Focus.

Onepoto Domain Lagoon, Northcote, Auckland, New Zealand.

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