Onepoto Lagoon Coordination Committee

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Life of the Pond:
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Weed in the pond.
February 2007 March 2007 40% of the pond was covered.
They thought this was fun. December 2007. The eastern stormwater channel.
February 2008. Dead clumps breaking away. Testing for weed with grapnel.
Growth along path. < April 19 2009 >. One of two piles raked out.

Working Bee to clean the pond, September 5 2009.
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Raking out the weed. Kevin cleaning the buoys. Cindy catered club refreshments.

October 11 2009. The weed that died off in April returns as the pond water heats up.
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The heat causes the dead weed
from april to float up.
The rain over the last 3 or 4 weeks
has freshened up the water and the
algae has started to grow again.
It is just as bad on the far side. Raking out some weed.
Checking the middle for weed. Colour modified view shows the
grapnel being retrieved. Note
masses of bubbles released as
the mud is disturbed.
Not much in the middle, just
some dead stuff generating gas.

October 31 2009. Another attempt using chains.
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Trevor ran the offshore division. Dragging the chain. Preparing for another drag
Trevor gets away. Throwing the chain. Cindy with brunch.

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