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NZRYS 2010 Series Racing
Archive 2009 Series 1 2 3
Club Members Louis Vuitton: 1 2 3 4 Ancient Mariners: 1 2 Electrons 4 3 2 1
Match Race Cup 2009 Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 9 Cup
Fun Days Nov 15 Nov 22 Apr 25 Oct 31
Aggregate Match 2010 Dec 6 Jan 10 Mar 7
Summer Series 2010 Dec 13 Dec 20 Feb 14 Feb 28
Winter Series 2010 July 11

Club Members and their boats.
Ian Bergquist Ian Bergquist.
Carol Bergquist Carol Bergquist.
Ian Clark recovers 28 Ian Clark recovering 28.
James Glidden James Glidden with unnumbered 15.
Gary Irwin Gary Irwin has 64.
John Chittenden John Chittenden. His boat is 66.
John Perkin John Perkin with NZL92.
Peter Buxton Peter Buxton and wife.
Garrick Rocard Garrick Rocard and 112.
Allen Reynolds Allen Reynolds and 9.
Trevor Jones Trevor Jones who sails 44.
Neil Purcel Neil Purcel and his latest 6.
Jim Clark Jim Clark with his new build boat.
Patrick O'Hanlon Patrick O'Hanlon with 51
(another ex Neil 6).
John Macaulay John Macaulay now has 58,
Paul Taylor Paul Taylor and ITA45,
John Dowler John Dowler with his latest colour scheme,
Tom Clarke Tom Clarke sailing 2,
Simon Adamson Simon Adamson (82),
Gerald Moss Gerald Moss with broken forestay (on his boat),
Bruce Watson Bruce Watson and one of his many 33s,
Geoff McGill Geoff McGill with his original 18,
Geoff Atkinson Geoff Atkinson and 40.
Bill Monaghan Bill Monaghan with 42 stuck on green,
Kevin Whitehead Kevin Whitehead adjusting 37,
Grant Monaghan Grant Monaghan and 7,
Paul Goddard Paul Goddard with ex-GBR 78,
Peter Andrews Peter Andrews and his new 21.
Harry Bowles Harry Bowles and Highwayman 48.
Brian Basset Brian Basset with 16,
Ivan Fraser Ivan Fraser with Team New Zealand 84.
Peter Wilcox Peter Wilcox with 90.
Kevin Webb Kevin Webb and Guiness 30.
Brett Bakewell-White Brett Bakewell-White.
Richard Plinston Richard Plinston with 01.
David Harley David Harley adjusting his ABS 10
"The Black Deck".
Terry and Ruth O'Neil Terry and Ruth O'Neil with A12.
repainted as "Saphire".
Gordon Stevenson Gordon Stevenson with his ETNZ.
Geoff, Harry Peter, David
Geoff, David, Ivan

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