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NZRYS 2010 Series Racing
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Louis Vuitton Series 2010 March 19.
All photos © Copyright R.Plinston 2010

Photograhs taken from Milford Beach.
Emirates Team New Zealand had lost its first race with Azzura
in the 'best of three' semi final. The second race was delayed
as the other teams sailed theirs so this started after 6pm
with the weather overcast and dusk falling.

Listen to 103FM for full commentary.
The start line was at Rangitoto
about 4.5km (3 miles) from my camera.
Not the best photographing conditions.
Emirates was penalised in the pre-start.
Azzura tacked away to the right hand side
while Emirates kept on to a 500m separation.
Azzura tacks back.
On the first cross Emirates is
clear ahead.
Note blue flag of umpire boat. Emirates leads to the first mark (orange)
while Azzura puts in a short tack.
(This is about 2km away)
Emirates around ...
with a handy lead ... of around 100 metres.
At the yellow downwind marks they
split and Emirates takes the favoured right.
A shift changes the course to the blue buoy. Emirates leads in to the top mark.
Lead out to 120 metres now
but is it enough to take the penalty.
Emirates needs to turn around the green
pin end buoy and recross ahead of Azzura.
They drop the Jenniker ...
round the mark ... charge for the line as Azzura closes ... and get there by 2 seconds.

A third race is required. It will be at 10am Saturday.
Listen on 103FM for full commentary.
Finals live on TV1 Saturday afternoon.

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