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NZRYS 2010 Series Racing
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October 31 2010.
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Harry and Geoff McGill. Geoff Atkinson spins out in a gust. Brian and John Macaulay
create a PushYouPullMe.

How it can all go wrong 1.
Geoff Atkinson (40) leads Harry (48), Kevin
(30) and Ivan (84) to the final mark.
Just a short leg to finish.
How it can all go wrong 2.
With the wind high Geoff rounds up
too much and hooks the buoy.
Harry is pushed the wrong side.
Kevin has to turn inside.
Ivan bears away hard and is lost.
Neil in the club boat (NZRYS) comes into view.
How it can all go wrong 3.
The three drift in reverse.
Neil closes.
How it can all go wrong 4.
Approaching the finish.
Geoff tries to build speed.
Harry needs to tack.
Neil rounded close and can lay the finish.
How it can all go wrong 5.
Between 3 more boats on downwind
it can be seen that Geoff has finished
but is carrying a penalty.
Neil is finishing and wins.

Kevin, Gary, Geoff McGill. Neil with the Club Boat swirls
around a downwind mark.
Kevin Webb clear ahead of the Club Boat.

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