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NZRYS 2010 Series Racing
Archive 2009 Series 1 2 3
Club Members Louis Vuitton: 1 2 3 4 Ancient Mariners: 1 2 Electrons 4 3 2 1
Match Race Cup 2009 Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 9 Cup
Fun Days Nov 15 Nov 22 Apr 25 Oct 31
Aggregate Match 2010 Dec 6 Jan 10 Mar 7
Summer Series 2010 Dec 13 Dec 20 Feb 14 Feb 28
Winter Series 2010 July 11

Match Race Cup 2009.

Race 1.
Bruce wins race 1. Further racing abandonned due to some weed catching on keels.

Race 2 November 15.
mr92 mr92 mr92

Bruce and Geoff were very early at the line
- 5 seconds. Bruce luffed to run down the
line and collided with Geoff. Discussion
about whether sufficient time had been
given resulted in green flag.

Even racing in first two legs.

At the bottom mark Bruce is ahead.

mr92 mr92

Bruce goes out on starboard tack and
fails to cover.

Geoff takes a small lead and holds
it to the finish.

Score is one all.

Race 3 November 15.
mr92 mr92 mr92

Geoff tries to close down Bruce
in the run to the start.

But Bruce is moving much faster
and takes an early lead.

Bruce holds a small lead to the finish.
Score is 2:1 to Bruce.

Races 4-8 resulted in the score being level 4 all.

Final Race January 24.
mr92 mr92 mr92

Geoff chases Bruce before the start.

Bruce manages to return to the
line but the count is still running.

Geoff controls Bruce away from
the line.

mr92 mr92 mr92

The count down is complete and
Geoff still chases Bruce away.
When he turns ...

He has a good lead across
the line ...

which he holds to the top mark.

Bruce catches weed so race is restarted.
mr92 mr92 mr92

Bruce on starboard gets a penalty
on Geoff in the restart.
Geoff chases and attempts to get
a penalty on Bruce but runs into
his stern and gets a second penalty.

After taking two penalty turns
Geoff is behind but catching Bruce.

Bruce holds onto the lead and
takes the win and the series.

Cup Presentation.

Bruce is presented with the
Match Race Cup by Geoff.

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