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Match Race Cup 2008.

Race 1 December 7.
mr8 mr8 mr8

At the start of the race Ivan crossed the line first and tacked to port ahead of Bruce. But with the light wind and Bruce accelerating, Ivan failed to keep clear and was given a penalty.

Bruce had not been delayed by the incident at the start and he left Ivan stalled and built a handy lead at the first mark.

Ivan swings around the top mark with a flourish.

mr8 mr8 mr8

At the downwind mark Bruce rounded with a good lead and went into the windward leg with a long starboard leg.
With Ivan still on the downwind on port he crossed too close to Bruce and was given a second penalty.

Bruce carrried his starboard tack too long failing to cover Ivan who had taken to the far shore. Bruce lost the wind near the path and stalled out while Ivan swept past to lead to the final top mark.

At the bottom mark Ivan had a good lead, but still had to take two penalty turns.

mr8 mr8 mr8

While taking his second turn, Ivan was passed by Bruce.

With the penalties complete, Ivan was accelerating and catching Bruce going to the line.

With Ivan travelling faster and closing to the line it could have been won by either, but Bruce managed to cross moments before being overtaken.

Race 2 January 18.
mr82 mr82 mr82

Bruce had gone to the start line early and ran
down a short way leaving Ivan the windward end.

By the first mark Ivan's 84 had taken a couple
of lengths lead in the windy conditions.

On the downwind Ivan caught a gust and sped to
the downwind mark.

mr82 mr82 mr82

On the second lap Ivan had increased his
lead at the top mark.

On the final leg Ivan only needed to keep
a loose cover ..

to the finish.

Race 3 February 15.
mr83 mr83 mr83

Ivan and Bruce were at the pond so another
race was organised.

In the last few seconds of the start Bruce
was running out of room with Ivan getting
into a leeward edge. But Bruce managed to
get through right on the count.

Very even of the first tack.

mr83 mr83 mr83

Tacking on a shift Ivan stalled as the shift
switched back and he lost several lengths as
Bruce raced away.

With Bruce keeping a loose cover and keeping
away from any interaction, Ivan needed Bruce
to make a mistake.

Bruce making the result 2 to 1 in the best of nine.

Race 4 March 15.
mr84 mr84 mr84

Entering the start.

Bruce won the start by a length.

Ivan played the shifts better
and led at the first mark.

mr84 mr84 mr84

Bruce established an inside
overlap before the downwind mark.

... and led the next windward leg.

Keeping a close cover on Ivan
Bruce kept his lead to the finish.

Race 5 April 5.
Click for larger images.
mr85 mr85 mr85

Bruce leads at the start.

Ivan works the shifts
and crosses ahead.

Bruce gets back the
advantage of the right.

mr85 mr85 mr85

Bruce eases to windward...

and leads around the top mark.

Side by side on the downwind.

mr85 mr85 mr85

Bruce holds the inside overlap
and leads around the bottom mark.

Keeping a close cover.

Bruce keeps the lead on second lap
around the top mark and to the finish.

Race 6 May 24.
Click for larger images.
mr85 mr85 mr85

Bruce was early to the line
and had to run down it.

Side by side on the first leg.

Gusty conditions lay the boats down.

mr85 mr85 mr85

At the first mark Ivan is on
starboard but Bruce manages to avoid.

Start of final leg.

Bruce takes the win.

Bruce Watson wins the Match Race Cup for 2008.

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