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NZRYS 2009 Series Racing 2009
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Aggregate Match Race Series 2009 final - October 4 2009.
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From highs to lows. Bruce slips through the start. Nooooo. It is always
starboard roundings.

The featured race: Peter Anrews (21) and Ivan Fraser (84).
A fairly even start. Ivan has to tack off from here. Ivan has Peter in his wind shadow.
Approaching the top mark. A shift and Peter grabs the lead
arround the mark.
A gust accelerates Ivan downwind.
Final leg to the finish, Ivan catching. Ivan crosses close behind. Pater has a slow final tack and
Ivan grabs the win.

As the rain came the wind left.
Geoff and John drift on the upwind leg.
The wind returns with a gust
as Peter presses Geoff.
After the tack Geoff holds Peter
in his wind shadow.
Two races get around the top mark
together and share the downwind leg.
John dives on the downwind
and rounds up sharply.
But he recovers quickly and
carries the gust.

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