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NZRYS 2009 Series Racing 2009
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Fun Days Sep 6
Aggregate Match 2009 Dec 7 Feb 1 Mar 1 Apr 5 May 3 June 7 July 5 Aug 2 Oct 4
Summer Series 2009 Jan 11 Jan 18 Feb 15 Feb 22 Mar 8 Mar 15 Mar 22
Autumn Series 2009 Mar 29 Apr 19 May 17 May 24 June 14 June 21 None
Winter Series 2009 None Jul 19 Jul 26 Aug 9 Aug 16 None None
Spring Series 2009 Sep 13 Sep 27 Oct 11 Oct 18 Nov 1 Nov 8

Autumn Series flight 6 - June 21 2009.
click for larger image.
A nice breeze. Boats locked together at the start of a race.
Counting down to the start of a race.
A group move to the line early and run down it.
At the start gun the group on the left haven't got going.
The group on the right are well to leeward.
At the windward mark 2nd lap,
Bruce has established a large lead.
John, Peter, Ivan and I (obscured)
jossle for 2nd place on the downwind.
The group ahead rushes away as a gust hits
while those following still have to wait for it.
Geoff manages to pull up to the group
I had pulled away and was catching Bruce
but with just the leg to 'salmon' (top centre)
then to finish, it was Bruce's race (yet again).

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