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Ahoy Seawind sailors
From: John Coale <>
Date: 17 November 2009 08:41:07

Hello from the other side of the world.

I very much enjoy your web site. Especially your race reports and weekly photo gallery.

I live in In the State of Maine in the USA. We're going into winter here and I'm very envious of you folks in the southern hemisphere.

Just wanted you to know that someone from away was enjoying your work and fun.

Attached a photo of my boat.
Keep up the good work.
Thank you,
John Coale
SeawindUS #250

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply.

I'm afraid I am alone up here in Maine. I have two Seawinds which I built so My father and I could sail together. He's 92. See picture attached.. I intend to start a fleet and having the extra boat will enable me to invite friends to sail with me.

I've sailed full sized boats all my life. I just ventured into R/C sailing this year. My first Seawind regatta was the National Championship Regatta down in Connecticut 21 boats. attended . Photo attached. About a 5 hour drive. Here's their website:

I sail my Seawind on a lake where my family has a cottage. We are in a cove that is protected from the prevailing wind so it's not too rough most of the time.

I'll keep you informed of my fleet building progres next spring. have a good summer there.


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