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Sailing 25 September 2011.

No Points Racing

Hi All

No results today due to the weather conditions. We had 13 boats turn up at 10 am but the pesky NW winds made it hard to set a good fair start for a windward leeward course and then the rain put a final dampener on the day.  

With what friendly racing we had, Ron Paterson showed us his transom on more than one occasion with a general mix of first place finishers making up the rest of the races. Lets hope that next Sunday will be fine!

Have a great week

Sailing 18 September 2011.

Hi All

Today's results.

Regards, Bunny

Sailing 28 August 2011.

Hi All

Today's results.

Regards, Bunny

Sailing 21 August 2011.

Hi All

Today's results.

Regards, Bunny

Sailing 14 August 2011.

Hi All

Today's results.

Regards, Bunny

Sailing 7 August 2011 : carnage at the pond, with photos.

Hi All

Today's results.

Regards, Bunny

Sailing 31 July 2011 : Light to no winds, with photos.

Hi All

Today's results.

Regards, Bunny

Sailing 24 July 2011

Hi All

Another great days sailing with plenty of wind even if it was a bit shifty at the top mark.

Some of the guys who started well couldn't shift gear and those who could find the next cog finished well in the placings. One of those was a new sailor to the pond,[ Mark] with sail number 974 who had the boat singing towards the end of the day, well done Mark.

With 7 races sailed I could drop the worst performance making for a close fight for the podium.

Regards, Bunny

PS: The date I had on todays results was incorrect it should have should have read 24/7/11.

Sailing 17 July 2011

Hi All

Another light airs day sailing at Onepoto.

We sailed 5 races due to a late start [no wind] with all races counting.

Judy had an excellent day with a 3rd on line and a win on handicap and Bill blitzing us with great boat speed all day.

Bill had his new JR headsail on and it looked very good. It is encouraging to see that we are making headway with the sails.

Even with the smaller fleet today it was just good to be out in the sunshine.

Kind regards

Sailing 10 July 2011 : with John's photos.

Hi All

With the NW winds on the pond it was very difficult to get a true windward leeward course.

However after a little bit of a delay we managed to get in 6 races in with 5 to count.

Good to see our newer sailors getting up in the placing's and I feel sure that as the series goes on we will see them on the podium.

An excellent turn out of 12 boats and everyone observing the rules.

Kind Regards
Bunny Nicholson

Hi All

A couple of photo's from last weekend.....

I promise I will stop ramming you all given a little more experience - I know what I want to do & have to do, but the boat keeps going the wrong way.....

Best regards
John Macfarlane

Sailing 3 July 2011

Hi All

A great days sailing. With 8 races sailed I could drop 2 of the worst performances making the comp a close finish on points.

Have a great week

Regards, Bunny

Counting down to a race start.
Some congestion at the far mark.

Sailing 26 June 2011

Hi all

A somewhat fluky days racing, here are the results.

Congratulations Judy perhaps your sails are not too bad in the light airs?


Onepoto Electrons
Series 4 26/6/11

H/cap H/cap

line points place Sailor
4 97 1 Judy Salthouse
2 97.9 2 Ron Paterson
5 98.6 3 Hugh Davison
1 99.3 4 Bunny Nicholson
6 99.6 5 Dan Lehey
3 101.3 6 Don Lidgard
8 101.6 7 Colin Hickman
7 101.8 8 Bill Herald
9 102 9 Neil Purcel
10 104 10 John MacFarlane
11 104.2 11 John MacFarlane

Sailing 15 May 2011

Hi Richard,
Good to see you had a great start to your winter series.

We had 6 races for our handicap series before the rain came and cleared the car park for your lot.

Our wind was more into the north which gave us good a windward leeward course the full length of the pond.

  • 1st Barry Matthews
  • 2nd Ron Paterson
  • 3rd Ray Nixon

Onepoto Cup Regatta, April 16 2011

Onepoto Cup

Inaugural Electron Handicap Regatta

Held on Saturday 16th April 2011 in appalling conditions on our beloved pond. The rain was persistent throughout much of the day wetting everything and everybody but the upside was the consistent wind from the north giving us a good sailing wind.

Fortunately we had erected shelter before the rain arrived giving competitors some respite between racing and with hot tea and coffee and plenty to eat during the day most of us warded off the cold and wet conditions.

Handicap results

  • 1st Barry Matthews
  • 2nd Greg Paul
  • 3rd Hugh Davison
  • 4th John Hinton
  • 5th Bunny Nicholson
  • 6th Ray Nixon
  • 7th Bob Sarney
  • 8th Ross Morton
  • 9th Judy Salthouse
  • 10th Graham Barker
  • 11th Colin Hickman
  • 12th Don Lidgard
  • 13th Bill Herald
  • 14th Ian Kohler
  • 15th Ron Patterson

The prize giving was held around the Bar B Q and with a few liquid refreshments into us the stories of the days racing were retold.

A very big thanks to all the helpers and the competitors for your staying power in what will be a most memorable days sailing.

Bunny Nicholson
Commodore Onepoto Electrons

November 21 2010

A perfect days sailing with plenty of wind from the SW giving us a true long windward leeward course.

Picking the right side of the track was important as there were plenty of passing lanes on the beat.

We raced 7 points races with 6 to count on handicap.

  • 1st Colin Hickman
  • 2nd Barry Matthews
  • 3rd John Hinton

Regards Bunny Nicholson

November 14 2010

Because a few of us competed in the Des Townson Memorial Regatta at Buckland's Beach Yacht Club on the Saturday we just had a fun day on Sunday with no points being recorded.

It was a pity because we had a perfect westerly wind giving us good long fair coarse.

Out of the 22 starters at the Des Townson regatta Onepoto Electron Group had 8 members compete, which we did with some success.

The sailing was very tight with a course set in the marina itself giving us very shifty conditions which made the start quite competitive and having to have just an ounce of luck on your side to finish well.

For our team here are the results

  • 1st Bunny Nicholson
  • 3rd Don Lidgard
  • 4th Ray Nixon
  • 9th Colin Hickman
  • 11th Dan Leahy
  • 12th Hugh Davison
  • 16th John Hinton
  • 17th Barry Matthews

Kind Regards Bunny Nicholson

November 7 2010

We had no points racing this Sunday and just as well as there was no fair wind for any serious racing.

Four Onepoto Club members contested the Lady of the Lake Trophy. The trophy was set up to foster camaraderie amongst other Electron groups.

The teams of 4 were from Watchman Island, Orakei and Onepoto, with Orakei coming out the winner on a day that produced very fluky winds and even switched 180 degrees.

1st Orakei

2nd Onepoto

3rnd Watchman Island

It was a fun day finished of with a barbeque, a few ales and a lot of camaraderie.

Regards Bunny Nicholson

October 31 2010

A somewhat cool S.E 'ly wind to start with which settled into an Easterly creating willies in the middle of the coarse. It paid to stay on the right side of the shift to keep your place.

A total of 8 points races were held.

Handicap results

1st Colin Hickman

2nd Barry Matthews

3rd Bunny Nicholson

Regards Bunny Nicholson.

October 24 2010

The Electron group had a slow start until the wind finally settled in from the north giving us a good windward-leeward track but still fluky in the middle of the course with plenty of passing lanes on the beat.

We sailed 9 points races in all and the handicap result was

1st Ron Patterson

2nd Colin Hickman

3rd John Hinton

Regards Bunny Nicholson.

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