Frank Cyril Plinston

Frank Cyril Plinston was born on 9th July 1882. In 1887 he went to Bombay, India with his family: father George Carter, mother Fanny, brother George Herbert. The two brothers stayed there until Frank was about 12 years old (I assume this as I have a photo of an Indian groom with two ponies, saddled and ready to ride, taken in about 1897).

At this time, frank went to school, Dollar Academy, in Scotland.

Some time after leaving school, Frank emigrated to the United States. He enlisted in the U.S. Army, in the World War, and, I beleive, went to England and visited his mother in Bath.

He married in the U.S.A. a girl called Hadessa. They lived in Springville, New York State, south of Buffalo. He owned a chickn farm, with about 5,000 White Leghorn birds.

He died 3rd September 1946. They had no children. His widow sold the farm and moved to Florida.

Frank and Hadessa. Frank and Hadessa.