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ICL Computers:

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ICL 1500 Series

The ICL 1500 Series, not to be confused with the ICT 1500 Series mainframes of the 1960s, were originally designed by Cogar Corporation as desktop computers in the mid 1970s. Cogar were purchased by Singer Business Machines (SBM). ICL purchased part of SBM at the end of the 70s and produced the Cogar machines as ICL 1500 Series.

The ICL 1501 is a desktop machine incorporating a small screen, a keyboard and two mini-tapes. It had a network interface and could connect to an ICL 1503 desktop server that had 14 inch hard disks with a fixed disk and an exchangable disk each of 2.5 MegaByte capacity.

Further information is available in the PDF: [].

Available items:

ICL DRS20 Series


The ICL DRS20 Series was developed at the old Singer Business Machines development center to replace the Cogar/Singer/ICL 1500 Series. DRS stands for Distributed Resource System. These computers were designed to use multiple processor boards and networking to distribute and share the processing power and storage across several computers.

The original machines used a Retained Mode (R) application processor that emulated the ICL 1500 Series for compatibility with existing customer applications. A 'Native Mode' N processor board was also available with an 8085AH2 CPU that ran BASIC, Pascal and CIS COBOL. Communication boards could also be added.

Further information is available in the PDF: [] or at [] (not entirely accurate).

Available items:

ICL DRS300 Series.

The DRS300 Series was introduced in the mid 1980s as a networked, modular, multiuser computer system. Each DRS300 computer was assembled from clip-together modules that were connected using a SCSI bus. The modules were power supply (K1), processor (A2, A3, etc), disk storage (D1, D2, etc), backup tape units (S1). Several computers could be connected with the MicroLAN network to share resources.

User terminals were ICL DRS303 monochrome or ICL DRS305 colour terminals. These were connected using the MicroLAN network.

The operating system used was either DRI's multiuser Concurrent-DOS, or DRS/NX, an implementation of Unix SVR2 for the x86.

Further information is available at: [] (not entirely accurate).

Available items:

ICL PC1, PC2, Quattro, Quattro XM.


The ICL PC range of x86 multiuser computers started with the PC1 which was a rebranded RAIR Blackbox running CP/M or MP/M II on an 8085AH2 CPU with bank switched memory. It used serial terminals for the users.

Available items:

ICL PC2, Quattro, Quattro XM.

ICL redesigned the PC with the help of RAIR. Initial PC2s still used the 8085AH2 with bank switched memory and ran MP/M II to give multiuser access from ICL 6402 serial terminals. Later the PC2s used 8086 and Concurrent CP/M-86.

The ICL Quattro had an 8086 and was was available with up to 7 serial ports to support up to 4 users on serial terminals plus printers and communications. It used an 8086 with 1Mbyte RAM and hard disks of 10, 20, or 50Mbyte.

The ICL Quattrro XM had an 80286 CPU and used eXtended Memory to support more than 1 MByte RAM.

Available items:

ICL Clan 3.

The ICL Clan computers were rebadged Datamedia departmental computers running UniPlus+ System V Unix or PICK operating system. The Clan 3 used a 68020(?) CPU. They used serial terminals for the users, such as the ICL 6402/01, ICL 6402/11 or ICL 6404.

Available items:

ICL Clan 4 - DRS400 (Manuals).

Available items:

ICL PERQ (Manuals).

The ICL PERQ was a rebadged Three Rivers computer system. It was the first commercially produced personal workstation with a Graphical User Interface. It could run a variety of operating systems including POS (Pascal Operating System) which was written in Pascal, and PNX, which was Unix Seventh Edition.

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Other Computers:

Sharp MZ Series.

The Sharp MZ-5600 is an 8086 based computer running CP/M-86.

Further information is available:

Available items:

  • Sharp MZ-5641 twin diskette drive including keyboard and MZ-1D13 monitor.
  • Sharp MZ Series Software Manuals.
    • Folder containing:
      • CP/M-86 Command Summary.
      • BASIC Reference Manual.
      • CP/M-86 Programmer's Guide.
      • CP/M-86 User's Guide.
      • Supplement to the CP/M-86 User's Guide.
      • Owner's Manual.
      • CP/M-86 System Guide.
      • CP/M-86 1.1 Release Notes.
      • MZ-1D13 Display Instruction Manual.
    • BASIC Language Manual.

  • IBM 5150 PC Model B.

    This is an original IBM PC - twin floppy drives and MDA mono display adaptor. The Model B is indicated by a blue stamp on the rear of B in a circle. This indicates the redesigned planar (motherboard), the earlier model A had a wider spacing of the adapter slots.

    Available items:

    • IBM 5150 PC Model B with two diskette drives and MDA.
    • IBM Monochrome monitor.
    • IBM Keyboard.

  • Onyx C8000 multiuser system


    The Onyx C8000 is a Z80 based multiuser system running the Oasys operating system. It was first introduced in 1980. The users are supported on serial terminals.

    Additional information: [] [].


    • 4 Onyx C8000 systems

    Olivetti M 10

    ROM sockets.

    It works!

    Olivetti M 10

    The Olivetti M 10 is a portable, battery powered (4xAA), computer with an 8 line LCD screen and keyboard. It uses ROMs for software loading.

    Additional information: [].


    • Olivetti M 10 (UK) computer (working).

    Epson PX-8

    Closed with keyboard cover
    and handle deployed.

    Epson PX-8

    The Epson PX-8 is a small laptop computer with an 8 line LCD display, keyboard, and mini tape. It has a Z80 CPU and runs CP/M. Software is loaded from ROMs.

    Additional information: [].


    • Epson PX-8 model H101A with add on RAM Disk 60.
    • Epson PX-8 manuals:
      • User's Manual.
      • MicroPro Portable Calc, Portable Scheduler.
      • Micropro Portable WordStar Reference Manual.

    Car Parts and Manuals.

    Riley Elf (Mini) Radiator Grille.

    The Riley Elf was a badge engineered Mini produced between 1961 and 1969. This radiator grille* is in reasonable condition with a couple of dents in the lower edge.

    * Actually the radiator is in the right front wheel arch.

    Haynes 1067: Austin Montego.

    Austin MG & Vanden Plas Montego
    1984 to 1987
    1994 cc
    Owners Workshop Manual.

    Haynes 1942: Suzuki SJ & Vitara.

    Suzuki (4WD models) SJ & Vitara
    Inc. Samuri & Santana 1982 to 1994
    970cc 1298cc 1324cc 1590cc
    Owners Workshop Manual.

    Haynes 0923: Fiat Uno.

    Fiat Uno
    1983 to 1995 Petrol
    Haynes Service and Repair Manual.

    SEAT Ibiza.

    SEAT Ibiza
    Workshop Manual.

    Riley Cars by S.F. Drake 1958.

    "A practical Guide to maintenance and repair covering models from 1936."

    Poor condition, but usable.

    Updated 11 May 2019.