Aden in 1922

Major George Herbert Plinston, my grandfather, of the 31st Duke of Connaught's Own Lancers, Indian Army was posted to Aden in 1922 as officer in charge of operations. He was assigned the Governor's House to live in as the Governor, Sir Bernard Reilly, was a bachelor and did not want to occupy it himself.

He wrote a brochure: "Information which may be useful to the Officer, Newly Arrived at Aden." [HTML text] [PDF of scans] which describes the situation in Aden in 1922, the tribes and some recent history.

A map of Aden can be found here [].

In November 1922 (some sources wrongly say 1923) Ras Tafari Mekonnen, the regent of the Empire of Ethiopia, later Emperor Haile Selassie, travelled to Aden and was received with royal honours by the garrison, led by G.H. Plinston. At the end of the visit Ras Tafari presented him with a lion skin cape. Unfortunately it has not survived.

Further information on Ras Tafari's visit can be found here [].

Major G.H. Plinston.
The Governor's House.
Ras Tafari (right)
seated next to
Major G.H. Plinston.

In a note from Stephen J F Plowman TD FSA Scot:

In the photograph of Maj Plinston seated next to the then Ras Tafari, I believe the man standing in white is my grandfather, Clifford H F Plowman. At the time he was the British Consul at Harar. I remember from his diaries that he had accompanied Ras Tafari to Aden on the latter's first overseas visit. He also accompanied the Emperor to Aden in 1933 (or there about).

It was great to find an unexpected photograph.

E. Telegraph Bay, Aden.
Shukra Pass and volcanic crater, Aden.
Photo taken by RAF No.8 Sqdn
D.H.9 aircraft 1921.
Flag Staff station, Aden.
Fire-wood sellers, Aden.
Main Pass Gate, Aden.